Container Shipping Rates

Container Shipping Rates

Container shipping rates from the United States to destinations around the world differ according to the cargo carrying capacity of the shipping container and the contents within. A huge number of factors also lead to the total cost of such operations: custom fees, distance from embarkation point, distance from port, time of the year and many other factors. As a shipper, one sometimes has to enlist the services of a professional freight broker to help calculate the costs that would be incurred in shipping a container from one point to another.

What Factors Determine Container Shipping rates?

Container shipping rates are the price of transportation services paid. They do not however reflect the true transportation costs as transactions, distance factors, administrative barriers, fuel costs, geography, economy of scale, surcharges and other factors lead up to a heavy sum. Usually, the cost of shipping a container carrying well packed cargo like clothes costs less than 1% of the total cargo value while shipping bulkier cargo can run costs up to 20% of the cargo value. Here is a sample of factors that determine container shipping rates from the US to other international ports all over the globe:

  1. When trying to determine the rates that would be charged in shipping cargo from the US to some destination, one needs to first gather information on the carrying capacity of the container and deem whether it would hold the cargo one needs carried.
  2. A bill of lading includes describing the cargo and any identifying marks that it may bear, the value of the cargo, insurance etc.  Preparing a copy of the contents of the container-a bill of lading- is next. This is to know the rates that would be charged as industrial goods, household goods, electrical appliances, farm goods, clothing and other goods are charged different container shipping rates by shipping companies.
  3. The nature of the cargo, i.e., whether hazardous material or not, is also a factor. Generally, cargo requiring specialized handling will cost more than those that can be lumped together or require little to no special care in transit. This will surmount to lower container shipping rates.
  4. Custom fees and transport costs are also incurred in transporting the cargo to the embarkation point. Here, the help of an agent is crucial as each country has its own peculiarities in shipping regulations and unless one wants to spend time studying the vagaries of each port of call the cargo will pass through, one should enlist the services of such agents.

What are the Exact Container Shipping Rates to Specific Countries?

Shipping costs from the US to foreign ports depends on many factors like distance, cargo contained and others. Shipping a cargo of dry salted lamb skins from the US to Novorossiysk in Russia for a 20’ container comes with a standard charge of $4050 while it costs $5150 to transport the same cargo in a 40’ container. This blithely does not take into account the other charges that are not included in the advertisements.

Though under constant change and varying from place to place, freight rates from the US to say Hong Kong, would go at a rate of some $2600. Calculations for this are simplified online by most companies having online calculators where one may input the figures of his cargo and the freight charges for his shipping get calculated instantly. For example, shipping rates to Brussels would go at about $11900 for a full cargo load of a 20’ container. For shipping to, say, Nairobi of the same nature of cargo, estimates of $17900 are given. This is because the import tax and volume of trade the US has with the destination country also come into play.



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