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Shipping Container Price

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How much does it cost for International Container Shipping?

Though under constant change and varying from place to place, here are a few examples and estimates:

US to Hong Kong – $2600
US to Brussels – $11900
US to Nairobi – $17900

Most Companies have online calculators – Click here for more information.

How much does a Shipping Container Cost?

  • Prices for new storage containers vary between USD 2300 to 3300
  • Prices for renting storage containers lie between USD 75 to 110 with a surcharge of USD 160 for delivery or some form of maintenance.
  • Prices for used storage containers range from USD 500 to 2900.

More more information and a list of four great companies to purchase and container from click here

What are the names of some International Shipping Companies?

  1.  Hapag-Lloyd
  2. CMA CGM Group
  3. Evergreen Marine Corporation
  4. COSCO

For our complete list of 10 shipping companies and links to here home pages – click here

How to find cheap International Shipping Options?

Like other markets, mainly two major forces determine the freight rate in container shipping market

  • the supply of the container shipping service
  • the demand for this service

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